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We take to heart the common sense adage that if you treat something well, you’ll be well treated in return. It’s no different with your premium quality Farm Fresh Flowers bouquet. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be rewarded with a long lasting and vibrant bloom.

1. Carefully unpack. keep the band around the stems for a strong shape. Remove it if you wish to arrange the flowers yourself.

2. With a clean, sharp blade or scissors, cut at least 1/4 inch off each stem at a 45° angle.

3. Choose a vase that is large enough that the stems reach at least halfway down.

4. Fill half to three-quarters of the vase with room-temperature water.

5. Add the contents of the flower food packet that came with your bouquet and stir vigorously.

6. Place the bouquet in the vase water, removing any fronds and leaves that fall below the vase water line.

7. Display the bouquet in a cool space and away from heating vents, appliances, or direct sunlight.

8. Every 3 to 4 days, cut another 1/4 inch off each stem and dissolve a new flower food packet in freshly changed water.




Simply put, we are sensible farmers & small batch minded bouquet makers...

For us it’s not about having the largest line-up of bouquets to choose from. It’s about having the best, thoughtfully selected, premium quality flowers designed to send the right message you want to send. Period. We take pride in our craft and stand behind every bouquet we make. Guaranteed.

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