Farm Fresh Flowers - our name says it all.

Farm Fresh Flowers comes from a family-owned and operated flower farm located in sunny Southern California. Through humble beginnings, our farmers has been “plowing ahead in floriculture” since 1925. Luckily, the farm’s agreeable year-round climate helps us grow flowers 365 days a year.

Simply put, we grow flowers, and we love doing it. We take pride in our work. To achieve the finest freshness and quality we decided to skip the middleman and deliver flowers directly from our farm (and partnering growers) to your doorstep. Saving you money and resulting in flowers with a substantially longer vase life.

Why purchase direct-from-grower flowers?


Retail purchasing is risky. Flowers have often exchanged hands many times before arriving into your care, increasing the odds of damage and reducing their lifespan. By sending bouquets directly from our farm, we are able to offer higher-quality products that last up to 8 days longer than store-bought flowers.

Quick, overnight shipping allows you to enjoy fresh flowers that could not otherwise be grown where you live. Our mission is to expand Southern California’s fresh, locally grown varieties throughout the rest of the country, allowing for people from all areas and backgrounds to enjoy receiving the gift of a beautiful bouquet.


Farm Fresh designs our bouquets around seasonal blooms and greens, channeling the essence of the season into each arrangement we create. Our small batch farmers employ sustainable growing techniques that result in smaller crop sizes, but unmatched flower health and vibrance, resulting in our “small-batch” mentality. Every bloom matters.


Sending our flowers direct also means that we can offer more blooms per bouquet. Our signature “double bouquets” provide a bounty of brilliant flowers that leaves many of our customers wondering what to do with so many blooms. A predicament we are proud to provide.

Despite our best efforts, we can't drive around the whole United States to deliver your flowers personally, so we trust our friends at FedEx to overnight them.  [Link to Shipping Section of FAQ]

Vaseless Delivery

Our goal is to put as many blooms in Big Blue (our distinct shipping box) as possible. While our competitors may take up space with a vase, we fill that valuable real estate with flowers. As we’ve grown to learn over the years, Farm Fresh customers aren’t like other flower buyers. They are knowledgeable, discerning and value quality above all else. For this group, a favorite vase is an existing staple of their home or office.

However, if you are uncertain whether the bouquet’s recipient has a vase on hand, we provide that option for you.


We thank you for your patronage and appreciate your feedback. Feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions. 



100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If for any reason you are not satisfied, send us a
 snapshot of your flowers for a full refund of the purchase price.


We accept all major credit cards